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The Pill Is Here.

Connect your wallet to burn a CarnivoreZ and mint a pill.

CarnivoreZ Burn Selection

Wallet Connected

Please select the CarnivoreZ’s you would like to burn. For each Carnivore burned, you will receive one pill. You may either select a single or multiple CarnivoreZ to burn in a single transaction.

DOUBLE CHECK YOUR CHOICES!! This process is irreversible once the transaction is complete.

0/0  CarnivoreZ Selected

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Additional Contribution (ETH)

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Mint Approve

Loading CarnivoreZ... This may take a while, please be patient!

Mint Processing...

Please wait while your transaction is processing.


Your transaction was approved and you have successfully minted!

Oh no :(

Unfortunately your transaction failed. Check the transaction hash below to see why then try again.

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