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"Every act of creation is first an act of destruction." - Pablo Picasso

The planet has entered a rapid cycle of environmental decline. Beginning in 2071, scientists’ voices could no longer be suppressed, pulling back the veil on a decades long rapid contamination. The accelerated growth and advancement of technology starting in 2022 has been obliterating precious resources that harbor life on this beautiful planet. Only recently have humans, wildlife, and the environment been drastically visibly impacted.

With no real scientific explanation of the root cause of the increased deterioration of life, a team of suppressed scientists began to discover traces of a new type of radiation poisoning. When asteroid mining was pioneered, a new element, Izeran, was discovered. Izeran is an extremely versatile material that can be manipulated to host an array of properties from a conductive solid material through a light emitting liquid. When Izeran was first discovered, there was no trace of any destructive properties associated with the material. The team of suppressed scientists discovered that the commercial manipulation of Izeran to produce electronic devices changed the atomic structure of the material, causing it to produce an increasing amount of radioactive isotope discharge the longer it is used.

The scientists further discovered that Izeran would make massive progression leaps in the radiation offput. As the first wave of technological products produced from Izeran reached its catalyst point of leap, more than half of the planet was instantly destroyed. The contamination onset came with no warning and spread so rapidly that there was no time to warn other parts of the world.

With the sudden destruction of major portions of the planet, the scientists noticed that wolves seemed to have a natural resistance to the Izeran radiation. Although many wolves died in the first wave, many survived (G3N3SIS). As research continued into the wolves natural Izeran resistance, so did the development of experiments. One of these experiments lead to the creation of a fiberglass like coating that could be applied to both humans and wolves (D3LTAZ), theoretically blocking most of the exposure to Izeran radiation.  The scientists began to plead with the remainder of the world to destroy any technology produced using Izeran, but no one listened, and the deaths continued. The fiberglass like coating worked in some ways, but many also succumbed to Izeran radiation even with the coating applied.

While many of the experiments were worked on with the group of scientists, some others worked on more questionable methods in private. This led to the introduction of a pill to the wolves that was synthesized using the human XY chromosome. Although this was done in secret, it proved to be the most effective prevention and prolonging mechanism created to date (YX3RZ). As a collective, the scientists created a suite of other pills, vapor and aqua, with a third chrome pill being produced in secret with the XY pill. Wolves who had ingested the XY pill were also given the chrome pill, leading to an evolutionary jump in the wolves (HYBRIDZ). They became extremely adept in technology, quickly becoming the dominant remaining species of the planet.