Creative Director

As the Creative Director Kyle leads concept development and art direction through paths of innovation and immediate brand recognition. His ability to clearly articulate his vision, verbally and visually has allowed him to communicate the identity of a brand while using visuals to break through language barriers. Over the past 8+ years Kyle has taken start up companies from thousands in yearly revenue to multimillion dollar companies. Having a Holistic understanding of the overall messaging and creative process, Kyles focus on the story being align with the interactive elements has always given rise to the overall cohesiveness of the brand. With communication being paramount to connecting an audience to a brand, Kyle infuses the why and what, assuring that the user experience is visually satisfying and mentally stimulating.

MJ (Virginfty)

MJ has two decades of sales and marketing experience with a primary background in real estate and investments. While working in Corporate America, she was nationally recognized as sales person of the year, but felt going independent was a better personal fit to build businesses she was passionate about. Having worked with both private equity as well as institutional money, she is always excited to explore the next big thing. Welcome web3.

Robbie (Phntm)

Web Developer

Robbie also known as phntm is the wizard behind all things you experience on the website. Over the last 10 years Robbie has explored many avenues of creativity online such as web development, graphic design, and video editing. Robbie uses his passion for both art and technology to fuel his interest in growing as an artist. With a unique and desirable style Robbie hopes to leave a strong impact on not only those around him but also those who experience his work for years to come.


Lead Designer

Assunpt is the Lead Designer of CarnivorezNFT.  With over 7 years experience in animation and character development, his knowledge in 3D modeling, texturing and effects has allowed him to create for the likes of Netflix, Asus and Command and Conquer: Tiberium Secrets.  His understanding of shape and architecture has given him a unique perspective in how to approach character modeling, transforming his characters into well rendered designs.

Jordan (Spacecream)

Lead Developer

Jordan has deep rooted seeds in traditional business practice, with poignant experience blending traditional business practice to blockchain industries. At age 18 Jordan was recruited out of school at CU Boulder (Engineering Program) to work capital acquisitions for some of the largest oil fields in the United States. After a few years, Jordan moved into underground gold mining and milling processes, being appointed as site manager and safety compliance officer, adhering to the most strict safety practice procedures in the world as outline by MSHA. In 2017, Jordan began to pioneer a new path with sustainable bitcoin mining operations, leading the development of Colorado's first 100% sustainable bitcoin mining operation. As his love for blockchain grew, so did his interest in the technologies that make it tick. Jordan has spent the last four years solely dedicated to code development of blockchain based technologies from NFT's through DeFI financing protocols and DEX's.

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